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Mortgage Loan Information Center

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To calculate how much home you can afford, some basic financial information is required.  Here are some hints for completing the infornation below.  Total Monthly Debt is the amount you pay on Credit Cards, Car Payments and any other debt.  Utility payments are not included.  If you are not sure of what the Taxes and Insurance amounts will be, just put 0.00 and we will provide an estimate.  The Total Funds Available to Close the Loan is the amount you have saved for the down payment and closing costs.
You can choose your preference in regards to the type of loan, the term of the loan (number of payments) and whether you want the lowest interest rate, payment amounts or closing costs.  You may select more than one of each of these.
Financial Information
*Gross Monthly Income *Total Monthly Debt Payments Estimate of Annual Taxes
Estimate of Annual Insurance *Total of funds available to close loan *First Time Homebuyer
*Purpose *Property Type *Occupancy Type
*Borrower Credit Score
Estimate your current FICO Credit Score
- OR -
Enter your FICO Score if you know it
*Do you prefer a *Do you prefer a Term of *Do you Prefer

Click on the Select Loan Products button and the system will display a list of the loans, loan amounts, home prices and a variety of other information.  To end the Pre-Qual process, click on the cancel button.