GECU has been making real estate loans for over 45 years. Our founding father, Mr. R.C. Morgan, recognized a real need for members and wanted to help them finance their "Dream Home". He also wanted to help members by making them home improvement loans to help improve their quality of life.

In 1992, GECU ventured out and began making conforming conventional mortgage loans, sellable to the secondary market. These loans have to adhere to strict
FannieMae and Freddie Mac guidelines. GECU has several investors we can sell loans to, so that we may offer our members very competitive rates.

In 1995, GECU began making FHA and VHA government loans. These loans are currently sold to our investors.

In January 1998, Texas voters agreed to amend our 200 year old "Homestead Law" to allow for Home Equity Loans in Texas. GECU has always made Home Equity Loans to our neighboring cities in New Mexico.

Today, we are striving for the "cutting edge" in technology to assist with the expediency and efficiency of the mortgage loan process. We want to make the home buying process or any mortgage loan transaction as easy as possible for you, "our members".