Rates as of Thursday, April 25, 2019

Product DescriptionPointsInterest RateAnnual Percentage RatePayments
Conventional Rate Mortgage Loans
30 Year 0.0004.125%4.174%Show Payments and Rates
15 Year0.0003.750%3.839%Show Payments and Rates
30 Year0.0003.750%4.795%Show Payments and Rates
VA 30 Year Fixed0.0003.875%4.061%Show Payments and Rates
Kentucky Housing

We also offer ARM, second mortgages, extended locks and many other loan types. For more information on loans in your area, please call (859) 253-6001.

Rates based on $175,000 loan for single family home and a credit score of 720 or greater.

Your actual payments may vary from these examples. Example payments do not include monthly PMI, or escrowed items (taxes, insurance, etc.). All rates are believed to be accurate but cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. Please call to get the most current rate.

Minimum down payment requirements and other restrictions may apply. Closing costs may vary. Contact Central Bank Mortgage for details.

APR = annual percentage rate. Includes costs to obtain loan and PMI, if required. Fees are estimated cost, which may vary from loan to loan. These are not inclusive of all closing costs and do not include points, pre-paid interest or escrow items.

We are currently only accepting applications within the state of Kentucky (KY).

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